Progress Notes not updating within the approval process - Cache

by Greg 14. September 2009 10:12

"After updating a document the changes do not apear.  I know that the changes were made."

Two things can cause this:

1) Your administrator needs to check "Clear Cache on Viewer Exit" for you, as a user

****If this does not work****

2) Open the viewer, goto Options --> Viewer Setup then click the "Clear Cache" button (see associate image)

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User Access Viewer

progress note disapears when selected

by Greg 28. August 2009 05:34

Problem:  After selecting continue the window disapears.


1) Within Internet Explorer, goto  --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy tab --> within the Popup blocker section select "Settings" --> Add  -->



Not receiving my approvals

by Greg 26. August 2009 10:40

If you are not receiving your approvals:

1) Check with you local Admin (if you are the admin go to 2)

2) Confirm that the the approver is assigned to the appropirate approval group

3) Confirm that the consumer is assigned to the appropriate approval group