Cannot Find a Client

by James 1. September 2009 11:09

If you cannnot find a client in the system there could be a couple reason why.


1. The client may discharged and not active in the system.

2. The client could not have been add to the system yet.

3. The client could be add in a case load group.

4. The client could have been permanently removed from the system.

5. The client could have been assigned to a certain Counselor and only that Counselor can see that client


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Adding Progress Notes

by James 1. September 2009 04:27

There are three must haves in order to be able to Process a Billable Document in Caseworksweb.


1. There must be an Authorization in the system

2. Your Note needs to have the correct date on it which means it has to fall into the authorization start date and end date

3. You have to have the correct service code on the note for it to be processed.


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Forms | Forms


by James 27. August 2009 05:54

If you are trying to scan documents into caseworks web you need to make sure that your scanner is Twain compliant. The best way to go about that is to make sure that you have all the drivers fully downloaded to the computer from the manufacturer in reguards to the scanner.