administrative reports access

by Deanna 4. September 2009 06:50

The following steps will allow a user to view administrative reports (this must be performed by a site administrator):

1. Choose "Configuration" from the main screen.

2. Highlight a user name in the left-hand column.

3. Once the name is selected, click to place a check in the box beside "Give user administrative reports access."

4. Click "update user".

The user will be able to view all reports once this change is made, but as long as he/she is still checked off as a user, no other administative privileges will apply.

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how to delete a form

by Deanna 27. August 2009 06:14

Deleting a form is a two-step process that must be performed by the site administrator. This will permanently remove a form from the system so if there's any doubt as to whether to delete it, don't.

1. In the list of consumer documents, click the "x" icon beside the magnifying glass to the left of the form you want to delete. A confirmation box will appear, select yes/continue. Now you have marked the form for deletion.


2. From the main screen, enter the configuration section. Click "management console". Look at the calendar on the right. By default today's date is selected. Click "show images to remove" and once again click the "x" icon beside the document or form you wish to remove from the site.



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