available authorizations

by Deanna 4. September 2009 03:45

What to do if you are sure that your consumer has an authorization in the system but "No Authorizations Available" appears in red beside that person's name in the list of consumers.

This message is an indication that the consumer doesn't have a CURRENT authorization in the system, so the end date has probably passed. To verify, go to "authorizations" from the main screen. Select the consumer from the dropdown list of names. Click "Billing Units Management" and select the blue arrow to the left of the authorization for details. If the end date has passed but units were in fact available prior to that end date, the counselor can process a note against the authorization IF the date of service falls before that end date.


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Consumers | Authorizations

Editing a Consumer's Client Information/Face Sheet

by Matt 2. September 2009 07:30

Editing a Client Information sheet is the same process as editing any other form. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Go to the Consumer section of the website
  2. Find the consumer, open the consumer by clicking the magnifying glass beside the name
  3. Once the patients information is up, click on Documents at the top
  4. Find the Client Info sheet and click Edit Form out to the right of it.

  1. Go to the Add Session screen
  2. Select the Unique ID
  3. Select the Client Information/Face Sheet form
  4. Click Continue
  5. It will warn you that the Unique ID already exists
  6. Click OK, and you will see the Consumer's current information

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Consumers | Forms

Cannot Find a Client

by James 1. September 2009 11:09

If you cannnot find a client in the system there could be a couple reason why.


1. The client may discharged and not active in the system.

2. The client could not have been add to the system yet.

3. The client could be add in a case load group.

4. The client could have been permanently removed from the system.

5. The client could have been assigned to a certain Counselor and only that Counselor can see that client


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Newly Added Consumer not in Add Session Consumers List

by Matt 31. August 2009 08:09

If you have entered a new consumer into CaseWorks and they are not showing up in the Consumer's list for Add Session.  Make sure you have refreshed the Add Session screen to update the list with the new Consumer.  To do this, close the Window and Click Add Session again, or refresh the page by pressing F5.

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treatment plans posted before getting approved

by Deanna 27. August 2009 05:17

Treatment plans and progress notes are posted to the consumer's chart right away. Shouldn't they get approved first?

No, each processed form is posted before approval so that you may see what has taken place for each consumer, and so that you may make changes as deemed necessary by yourself or an approver. You can see whether or not the form has been approved by checking the document list from the consumer's general info screen, or by checking the approval section > my approved forms (from the main screen).

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Consumers | Forms

multiple client information sheets

by Deanna 26. August 2009 10:31

Editing or updating the client information sheet creates an additional form in the consumer's documents. Each time you update, the new form does not replace the old, so you always have a trail and can view old info as necessary (for example, former guardians or old addresses). Client information that appears on the consumer's general information screen or populates onto other forms only comes from the current, most recent form; there is no conflict with previous details on old forms.

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uploaded word documents not showing up

by Deanna 26. August 2009 10:01

Sometimes an uploaded Word document does not instantly show up under the consumer information. If you received a confirmation that the upload successfully completed but do not see the form in the consumer's list of documents, try waiting a couple of minutes before rechecking. It's also helpful to click the "refresh" button in your browser or hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh your screen.

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consumer not found

by Deanna 26. August 2009 09:46

When you click on "consumers" from the main menu, by default you are viewing the list of active consumers. If you search for a name and see a message that no documents were found, select the list of discharged consumers at the top of the page. Your supervisor or site administrator can view this list if you do not currently have viewing privileges, and in addition a site administrator is the only one who can move the consumer from discharged to active by filling out a Reactivation Form.

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