.NetFramework 4.0

by wlkc 20. November 2013 06:51


Unable to type in data entry screen

by Admin 20. November 2013 06:42

If you are unable to type into the data entry screen scroll to the top of the form. You should see a check box that says Don't Show Preview Window.  Check it.



Audio Notes

by wlkc 18. July 2013 11:51

If reciveing the following message "Cannot save the specified file. make sure you have enough disk space or are still connected to the network" you must do the following.

-If using a 64bit system

  - go to C:\Program Files (x86)

  - copy the Integrated Imaging  folder

  - go to C:\Program Files

  - paste the Integrated Imaging folder

  - go to C:\Program Files\Integrated Imaging

  - right click the ImageWorks folder and go to properties

  - select the Security Tab

  - click edit

  - add username

  - give full permission



Pop-up Blocker (Internet Explorer) *revised instructions*

by Matt 22. December 2009 07:14

Now, since we may alter your web server destination to better provide you with a faster session, you may get routed to https://www1.laurisonline.comor https://www.laurisonline.com.  This could cause issues with the entry of www.laurisonline.com in the Pop-Up Blocker Settings allowing your session to start using Add Session.  If you simply go to Tools, Pop-Up Blocker, and then Pop-Up Blocker settings; enter *.laurisonline.comand press Add.  This should add an entry of *.laurisonline.comand allow all pop-ups from our site to work.

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Settings

by Deanna 22. December 2009 06:40

When selecting form in Add Session, Internet Explorer will close all the smaller windows and bounce you back to the Main Menu.  This issue is caused by Internet Explorer's pop-up blocker settings.  To fix this issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Tools in the toolbar of Internet Explorer
  2. Click Pop-up Blocker and then click Pop-up Blocker settings
  3. Type *.laurisonline.com into the box at the top
  4. Then click Add and then click Close

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Forms | Internet Explorer

reset your password

by Deanna 16. September 2009 08:47

You can reset your own password by accessing the "user information" section from the main menu. In the top section of the page, enter your new password. Re-enter on the next line to confirm the new password. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "update user information." Use the new password the next time you login to the website and/or login to your CaseWorks toolbar in Word.

Note: If you cannot recall your password, contact your site administrator so he/she can create a new one.

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Progress Notes not updating within the approval process - Cache

by Greg 14. September 2009 10:12

"After updating a document the changes do not apear.  I know that the changes were made."

Two things can cause this:

1) Your administrator needs to check "Clear Cache on Viewer Exit" for you, as a user

****If this does not work****

2) Open the viewer, goto Options --> Viewer Setup then click the "Clear Cache" button (see associate image)

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User Access Viewer

wrong vendor in authorization

by Deanna 4. September 2009 07:19

You cannot change the vendor if the authorization was a manual entry. Either (1) delete the authorization from the system or (2) change the amount of units to "0" so it will total out, then create a new authorization using the correct information.

- Click "authorizations"

- Select the consumer from the dropdown list of names.

- Choose "Billing Units Management" at the top of the screen.

(1) Click the "x" icon to delete the entry.


(2) Click the blue arrow to the left of the incorrect authorization. Enter - (minus) the number of available units in "modify". Enter a reason for making the change. Confirm that remaining units is now 0. Create a new authorization using the correct information.

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administrative reports access

by Deanna 4. September 2009 06:50

The following steps will allow a user to view administrative reports (this must be performed by a site administrator):

1. Choose "Configuration" from the main screen.

2. Highlight a user name in the left-hand column.

3. Once the name is selected, click to place a check in the box beside "Give user administrative reports access."

4. Click "update user".

The user will be able to view all reports once this change is made, but as long as he/she is still checked off as a user, no other administative privileges will apply.

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Administrator | Administrator | Reports | Reports

available authorizations

by Deanna 4. September 2009 03:45

What to do if you are sure that your consumer has an authorization in the system but "No Authorizations Available" appears in red beside that person's name in the list of consumers.

This message is an indication that the consumer doesn't have a CURRENT authorization in the system, so the end date has probably passed. To verify, go to "authorizations" from the main screen. Select the consumer from the dropdown list of names. Click "Billing Units Management" and select the blue arrow to the left of the authorization for details. If the end date has passed but units were in fact available prior to that end date, the counselor can process a note against the authorization IF the date of service falls before that end date.


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Consumers | Authorizations