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Focus on People, Not Paper

Lauris Online is a powerful, easy-to-use case management and counseling system. Our solution is an extremely flexible system that can be easily configured to meet the special needs of any size organization. This innovative software is designed to simply transition counselors and service providers away from the burden of filing paper-based client forms. Unlike generalized EHR and EMR systems, Lauris Online has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the clinician and counseling service industries. Using the Lauris Online automated system will optimize your organization's service delivery and information management processes. This system gives your organization the ability to automate your workflow and manage all aspects of treating your clients.

The Lauris Online system assists organizations including:

•  Mental and Behavioral Health

•  Community-Based Support Services

•  Family Outreach and Assistance

•  Special Needs Education

•  Addiction Therapy, Substance Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation

•  Therapeutic Foster Care

•  In-Home Health Evaluation

•  Vocational Counseling

•  Probation and Court Compliance Monitoring

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