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Accessibility Anywhere

Lauris Online allows you to always have access to your forms with or without internet connectivity. Our system is compatible with not only Desktop PC's, but Tablets and Mobile Phones as well. That enables our providers to access their forms anytime from anywhere.

Staff Productivity

Significantly increase your staff productivity through daily documentation, weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting, billing, quality assurance/chart compliance, scheduling/payroll, human resources/general staff management, and much more.

Active File

Active File

Active File is the one stop shop for all internal and imported documentation. This feature allows you to establish a standard organization of documents within each chart through the creation of a folder system. Folders are defined by the provider, along with designations for each document and/or service type. Clinical documents can be viewed by the current or a previous Episode of Care, and the display of documents can be filtered in a variety of ways to ease navigation.

E- Signatures & scanning

Electronic Signatures

With Lauris Online, you can store electronic signatures for each staff member onto the system so they can be applied with one simple click. Our system ensures that documents requiring signatures will receive them.

Importing of Documents

Providers have the ability to import external documents such as driver’s licenses, court letters, or client acknowledgements. Once imported, these documents are made available within the predefined folder structures in Active File.

Authorization & ad hoc reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting

At Lauris Online, we have a tenured crew of form integration specialists who will accurately replicate your current documents in order to improve clinical efficiency.  By custom-building forms for each organization based on their current forms, familiarity with the documents will make learning and navigating our site extremely user-friendly. In addition, our implementation of data tracking can significantly reduce production time.

Authorization Utilization

Batch all unbilled revenue and create an electronic 837 file or print HCFA1500, UB04, and/or customized invoices to your liking. In addition, electronic 835 files may be imported and automatically posted to AR. By utilizing the checks and balances, providers have seen a significant decline in denials and rebills.

Cost Reduction & Revenue Retrieval

Cost Reduction

Lauris Online will cut the monthly expense of tracking your clinical processes manually or on paper charts by 90%. 

Revenue Retrieval

On average, Lauris Online decreases claim denials by 80% and remittance times to hours rather than weeks and months. Our EHR provides daily documentation compliance, approval process (checks and balances), and billing alerts. In addition, our reporting is designed to prevent claims and our aging report helps flag delinquent claims. Lastly, billing data scrubbing techniques are instituted as a final cross-checking measure. All of our clients see a reduction of unpaid invoices and find it easier to track payment history and flag delinquent billing items. After a year’s time, Lauris Online clients reduce their lost claims by 80%, resulting in savings of $15,000 to $50,000 per company. For ROI analysis, also consider the cost savings of implementing the
EHR including:

• Decreased paper/office supply cost 
• Increased efficiency 
• Staff productivity gains 
• Eliminating external billing services or reducing administrative costs 
• Reduction in denials

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