wrong vendor in authorization

by Deanna 4. September 2009 07:19

You cannot change the vendor if the authorization was a manual entry. Either (1) delete the authorization from the system or (2) change the amount of units to "0" so it will total out, then create a new authorization using the correct information.

- Click "authorizations"

- Select the consumer from the dropdown list of names.

- Choose "Billing Units Management" at the top of the screen.

(1) Click the "x" icon to delete the entry.


(2) Click the blue arrow to the left of the incorrect authorization. Enter - (minus) the number of available units in "modify". Enter a reason for making the change. Confirm that remaining units is now 0. Create a new authorization using the correct information.

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available authorizations

by Deanna 4. September 2009 03:45

What to do if you are sure that your consumer has an authorization in the system but "No Authorizations Available" appears in red beside that person's name in the list of consumers.

This message is an indication that the consumer doesn't have a CURRENT authorization in the system, so the end date has probably passed. To verify, go to "authorizations" from the main screen. Select the consumer from the dropdown list of names. Click "Billing Units Management" and select the blue arrow to the left of the authorization for details. If the end date has passed but units were in fact available prior to that end date, the counselor can process a note against the authorization IF the date of service falls before that end date.


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Adding Progress Notes

by James 1. September 2009 04:27

There are three must haves in order to be able to Process a Billable Document in Caseworksweb.


1. There must be an Authorization in the system

2. Your Note needs to have the correct date on it which means it has to fall into the authorization start date and end date

3. You have to have the correct service code on the note for it to be processed.


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red items on billing details report

by Deanna 26. August 2009 09:36

Line items on billing details that appear as bold red text indicate an automatic adjustment to authorization units.

Here's an example: the maximum billable units for H2022 is 1 per day, or one 2-hour session. A counselor processes a note for 2 units /4 hours on an H2022 service, so the system goes ahead and deducts the ONE allowed unit for the consumer to account for the discrepancy.

Contact your site administrator or supervisor about specific questions related to services/rates and authorization allowances.

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