Editing a Consumer's Client Information/Face Sheet

by Matt 2. September 2009 07:30

Editing a Client Information sheet is the same process as editing any other form. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Go to the Consumer section of the website
  2. Find the consumer, open the consumer by clicking the magnifying glass beside the name
  3. Once the patients information is up, click on Documents at the top
  4. Find the Client Info sheet and click Edit Form out to the right of it.

  1. Go to the Add Session screen
  2. Select the Unique ID
  3. Select the Client Information/Face Sheet form
  4. Click Continue
  5. It will warn you that the Unique ID already exists
  6. Click OK, and you will see the Consumer's current information

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Consumers | Forms

multiple client information sheets

by Deanna 26. August 2009 10:31

Editing or updating the client information sheet creates an additional form in the consumer's documents. Each time you update, the new form does not replace the old, so you always have a trail and can view old info as necessary (for example, former guardians or old addresses). Client information that appears on the consumer's general information screen or populates onto other forms only comes from the current, most recent form; there is no conflict with previous details on old forms.

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